All About Latch Hook Kits

All About Latch Hook Kits

Learning how to use a latch hook is incredibly simple and enjoyable, and the results are amazing! We'll show you how to master this basic ability if you follow our lesson on how to latch hook for beginners. In little time at all, you'll be producing rugs, wall hangings, and cushions and pillow covers


What is latch hook?

Latch hook entails using a special hook called a latch hook to pull pre-cut yarn pieces through a canvas. Each thread that is pulled through forms two "tufts," and when the technique is repeated, a lovely pile that resembles a shaggy rug is produced.

What equipment is required?

The supplies and tools you need to make beautiful latch hook designs typically come in a kit with latch hooks. So what equipment might you expect to discover in your latch hook kit?

Latch hook tool

A latch hook tool is the first item you need to begin your latch hook project! The instrument has a little hinged portion below the hook that is on the end. As you go in and out of the mesh canvas while latch hooking, the hinged portion will open and close, assisting in preventing the yarn from falling out of the hook.

Canvas Mesh Base

Your latch hook design is constructed on a mesh canvas base. To create a latch hooks pile effect, draw the yarn back up through holes that are uniformly scattered throughout the canvas. It's kind of like painting by numbers when you get a kit because the canvas mesh base usually has a printed pattern on it that shows you exactly where to place each colour.

In fact, all of Craft Outlet Australia Latch Hook Kits include a printed base, unlike many other latch hook kits on the market. 

Pre Cut Latch Hook Yarn or Wool

Latch hook yarns come cut into lengths and are organised by colour to suit your design, unlike the balls of yarn you need for many other yarn projects. For latch hook applications, pre-cut yarn is typically provided in lengths of 2 1/2 inches.

What can you create with latch hooking?

The latch hooking technique can be applied to rugs, wall hangings, cushion coverings, and so much more! They're not only enjoyable to produce, but they also help you design an excellent home thanks to the textured appearance.

Latch Hook Kit Instructions

Now that you have your latch hook making supplies, get to work! To latch hook, follow these instructions. You'll be an expert weaver in no time once you learn how to loop your yarn and pull it through the canvas!

  1. Set out your kit. Our  kits include your pre-cut yarn wool, a latch hook, printed canvas base, colour guide and instructions.  Learn about the colours and, if necessary, organise them into groups.
  2. Make a loop with your yarn and a hook. A length of cut yarn should be looped or folded around the hook's crook. To keep the piece in place, pinch it between your fingers. HOT TIP:  Start at the bottom left of the canvas, or bottom right if you are left-handed.
  3. The latch should pass back under the canvas and out the top of the first square once the hook is inserted through the canvas mesh at the bottom of the square. The thread loop should sit below the line your canvas draws across your tool, and the latch should be above it.
  4. Reposition your hook inside the same canvas square. Bringing the latch through will cause the yarn to be caught, threaded back on itself, and woven to the canvas.
  5. Follow the row, paying great attention to the colours as you go. Keep going until your design is finished!

And just like that.... You've completed your gorgeous latch hook project. 

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