Collection: UV Resin

Introducing our fantastic UV Resin range - the ultimate companion for crafters eager to create stunning resin jewellery, keyrings, and charms! This magical resin sets in an instant under UV light, including sunlight, revealing a crystal clear, incredibly hard, and durable finish that rivals the performance of traditional epoxy casting resin. With a non-yellowing formula, your creations will maintain their pristine appearance over time, ensuring lasting beauty.

UV resin offers a quick and hassle-free crafting experience. To unleash your creativity, just mix the resin with your favourite pigment, pour it into your chosen mould, and then pop it under a 6-watt UV nail lamp, a UV torch, or let the sun work its magic! In just 2 minutes, your masterpiece will be fully cured and ready to be demoulded. It's as easy as that!

Crafters of all skill levels will fall in love with the simplicity and versatility of our UV resin. Whether you're a seasoned jewellery maker or a crafting enthusiast, this UV resin will empower you to bring your artistic visions to life with stunning clarity and efficiency. So, dive into the world of UV resin and discover a world of boundless creativity at your fingertips. Enjoy crafting with UV resin and watch your creations dazzle and shine like never before! Happy crafting!