Collection: Customised Art Kits

The Perfect Creative Gift! 

Welcome to our Customized Art Kit Collection, where cherished memories come to life through the stroke of a brush or the placement of a diamond.

Celebrate Mother's Day with a truly unique and heartfelt gift by transforming your favourite family photo, pet portrait, or scenic memory into a stunning work of art. Our customizable paint by number, latch hook, and diamond painting kits offer a creative outlet for expressing love and appreciation.

Whether you're honouring a special mother figure or creating a keepsake for yourself, our personalized art kits promise to capture the essence of your most cherished moments. Explore our collection today and turn your memories into masterpieces

  • Custom Diamond Painting

    Experience the finest in diamond painting with our premium 5D Pixel kits. Each kit includes a printed sticky canvas chart, high-quality colourful drills, and a choice between round or square diamonds depending on your preference, along with all the essential tools needed to create your mosaic masterpiece!

  • Made to Order Latch Hook Kits

    Turn your cherished memories into a craft activity and a stunning piece of decor with these personalised Latch Hook Rug Making Kits! We've provided you with all of the tools you need to create plush textured mini-rugs. With a printed canvas, instructions, pre-cut wool and a latch hook tool you can get started right away! 

  • Personalised Paint By Numbers

    This custom made and personalised paint by numbers kit is the perfect way to cherish those precious memories in a creative way! Send us your photo and we will convert it to a one of a kind Paint By Numbers Kit! From the set of numbered acrylic paints to suit your design to sample reference and paint brush set.

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