What do I need to start Paint Pouring?

What do I need to start Paint Pouring?

What is Paint Pouring? 

Pouring paints or fluid art is a relatively new medium that has been gaining popularity in the last few years. Artists and beginners alike use them to create abstract, textured paintings that are beautiful and unique. 

Pour paints are made up of acrylic paint which is water-based and water-soluble. The paint is then mixed with water or other liquids like floetrol and silicone oil to make it flow more easily around the canvas or board and create stunning marbled effects, cells and lacing. There are also some pretty cool Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints that come ready to pour and start creating. These Mont Marte Pouring Paints come in a range of stunning colours and and theme packs!



What Do I Need To Get Started?

The supplies needed for pouring paint can differ depending on the method and techniques that you decide to explore. If you are a beginner, have a look out for some awesome Pouring Paint Kits that have been put together so you can get stuck into your creations without the hassle of shopping around. 

If you want to get more creative take a look below to see what you will need to get started:

Surface: You will need to get some pre-stressed artist canvas, mdf boards, chopping boards, vases or anything with a good surface area to apply your fluid art to. 

Paint: Acrylic Paint is readily available and there are 100's of different colours available on the market, but you will have to mix it with a Hi Flow Medium like Floetrol to get the consistency right. If you are pouring paint beginner its a good idea to have a play around with the Pre-Mixed Pouring Paints to get an idea of how it all flows.



Silicone Oil: If you are wanting to create a beautiful cell or lacing effect, adding a few drops of silicone oil can make your fluid art pop! 

Plastic Cups: These will come in handy to mix your pouring paint colours, prop your canvas or board up from the table and depending on the technique you use to create your unique pouring paint piece of art, like dirty pours, flip cup or ring tree pours, you will need a a fair plastic cups to start experimenting.

Wooden Stir Sticks: These will be needed to mix up your pouring paints.

Disposable Gloves: Fluid art is messy so its a good idea to have some nitrile gloves on hand. 

Apron: If you dont want to ruin your clothes, it is a good idea to invest in a good art apron! 

Table Coverings: Save time on the clean up by putting down a plastic table cloth, drop sheet, cardboard or foil pan to catch all of the excess paint drippings.

Optional Extras: There are some pretty cool Pouring Paint Accessories that can give you some amazing marbling effects:

  • Palette Knife: To spread our paint and create a swipe effect 
  • Funnels: Instead of a cup to mix and pour, use a funnel to get a different design
  • Split Cups: Come in 2,3,4 or 5 channels in one cup to get an eye popping array of colours.
  • Strainers: Pour over different strainers and colanders to get different shaped in your art work

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