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53pcs Mandala Dotting Tools Set

53pcs Mandala Dotting Tools Set

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A mandala's creation and colouring can be a deeply enlightening and introspective personal experience. Mandalas are frequently used as a form of art therapy to calm our weary thoughts.

This is an perfect starter kit that is perfect for use as a beginner or as a gift.

A variety of different engraving shapes are available to make your design more flexible. You can use this kit to make beautiful dots.

The great mandala dot art tool is an ultra-light plastic that you can apply on a few hours without the fatigue of heavy tools.

Specially designed tips create walking the dots effect and work great for dragging dots effect.

Allows you to paint dots for hours without fatigue from heavy tools. no sharp edges to cut yourself.

Perfect for painting dots on rocks, canvas, seashells or gourds, making dots or blending seams in clay, embossing pattern and more.

Kit Includes

10pcs thick square cardboard : 15*15CM

8pcs acrylic dot painting sticks

5pcs mandala painting templates : 20*15*13*9CM

5pcs double-sided silicone dot drill pens

4pcs pill sticks and stippling sticks

4pcs thick round boards: 17*17CM

3pcs hook line pen

2pcs white lead pencils

1pc wooden easel

1pc circular painting tool

1pc pencil with black core

1pc desktop clear plastic easel

1pc pencil sharpener

1pc eraser

1pc sponge topography brush

1pc sponge disc

1pc embellished gemstone sticker

1pc round color palette

1pc cardboard box : 21*21*4CM

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