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Drippy 100ml UV Resin

Drippy 100ml UV Resin

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Perfect for crafters looking to create resin jewellery, keyrings and charms!

UV resin cures under UV light - we recommend a 6-watt UV nail lamp, a UV torch or direct sunlight!

To use, simply mix with your pigment of choice, pour into your mould, pop under your UV light or into direct sunlight and cure for at least 2 minutes, ensuring both sides of your resin piece is exposed to the UV light. Demould your resin and enjoy! It really is that simple.

For best results, do not use in moulds greater than 2cm deep and pour in 5ml layers, curing in between. We recommend using transparent inks, mica powders or glitters to colour your UV resin, however you can also use pigment pastes and alcohol Inks  but only sparingly as too much pigment can result in a incomplete cure and sticky resin. For opaque or very dark pigments, a longer cure time is required to allow the UV light to fully penetrate the whole resin piece. If your resin is still sticky, continue to cure until it is smooth. 

    Safety precautions to take when working with resin:

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Read Safety Data Sheet before use
    • Do not ingest, get on skin, in eyes, or on clothing
    • Use only in a well-ventilated area
    • Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye and face protection
    • In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection
    • If skin irritation or rash occurs, get medical attention


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