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Large Letter & Number Silicone Moulds

Large Letter & Number Silicone Moulds

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Weather you are looking to create a stunning LED light or just a custom décor piece, these range of large alphabet and numbers silicone moulds will be perfect!




C: 16.5*12.5*3.6cm

D: 16.3*13.5*3.6 cm

E: 16.3*13.4*3.6cm

F: 16.3*12.9*3.6cm

G: 16*13.5*3.6cm

H: 16.5*14.5*3.6cm

l: 16*8.2*3.6 cm

J: 16.3*9*3.6cm

K: 16*14*3.6cm

L: 16.2*12.6*3.6cm

M: 17.3*

N: 16.4*14.2*3.6 cm

О: 16.5*12.1*3.6 cm

P: 16.3*13.2*3.6cm

Q: 16.5*14.3*3.6 cm

R: 16.3*13.5*3.6cm

S: 16*13.2*3.6cm

T: 16.3*14.2*3.6cm

U: 16.3*14.3*3.6cm

V: 16.3*15.3*3.6 cm

W: 18.6*16.2*3.6 cm

X: 16.3*13.5*3.6 cm

Y: 16.5*14*3.6cm

Z: 16.5*13*3.6cm

Love: 16*15.9*3.6cm

large 0 16.3cm long, 12.5cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 1 16.2cm long, 8.5cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 2 16cm long, 12cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 3 16.1cm long, 11.2cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 4 16cm long, 13.2cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 5 16.2cm long, 11.9cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 6 16.3cm long, 11.8cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 7 16.1cm long, 12cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 8 16.2cm long, 12.4cm wide, 3.6cm high

large 9 is 16.3cm long, 11.8cm wide, 3.6cm high

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