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MAD Clear Casting Resin 1KG (1:3 Ratio Mix)

MAD Clear Casting Resin 1KG (1:3 Ratio Mix)

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Clear Casting MAD Resin (3:1 Ratio Mix) is ideal for pouring in a Deep Casts, machining and polishing. It is also ideal for river tables and large cracks or knots in furniture. It has a higher shore rating than artist resins which means it has a higher scratch and heat resistance . The finish of this resin is crystal clear, ideal for use in river tables or any furniture. This resin is also a 3 to 1 ratio mix by weight. This means that it can also be poured into deeper casts without producing the high heat levels of a 1:1 mix resin.

This is a food grade safe resin and is FDA approved.  It is only Food Grade Safe when it is poured and cured ON ITS OWN. The food grade safe approval becomes obsolete once you add anything else to the mixture.  This also includes inks, dry pigments and other additives you may put into the resin. We suggest adding a clear last layer of resin, or a top coat, in order to ensure it is once again food grade safe.

  • UV stable
  • Low toxic
  • Food contact safe once cured

      Safety precautions to take when working with epoxy resin:

      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Read Safety Data Sheet before use
      • Do not ingest, get on skin, in eyes, or on clothing
      • Use only in a well-ventilated area
      • Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye and face protection
      • In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection
      • If skin irritation or rash occurs, get medical attention

      All MAD Resin kits come with a comprehensive Safety Data Sheet and instructions for use and it is crucial that these are read and understood before use.

      Download the Safety Data Sheet/Technical Data Sheet for MAD Casting Resin 1:1 Here

      Download the FDA Data Sheet for MAD Artist Resin 1:1 Here

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