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Marbling Paint - 6 Colours Craft Kit

Marbling Paint - 6 Colours Craft Kit

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Create your own unique patterned paper with the 6 colour marbling craft set from Tookyland.

Each set gives you all the tools and materials you need to create your own coloured paper. Follow the easy step by step instructions to add coloured paint swirls that sit on the top of the water filled tray. Gently place a piece of paper on top, then pull off to reveal your amazing marbled art masterpiece.

How to use your marbling kit: Simply fill a tray (included) with water and special powder solution, then add droplets of the marbling paint to the water. The paint will go to the surface of the water, and you can add as many colours and as much colour as you like. Next, swirl the water gently with the enclosed rod, creating psychedelic patterns and shapes. Once you're happy with your colour pattern, gently lay a piece of paper down, on top of the water. Leave it to sit for a minute, then gently pull up the paper from one edge and see the coloured paint on the paper. Lay your paper down and let it dry. Once dry, you can use your one of a kind paper to make cards, gifts, and other paper craft projects.

The 6 colour Marbling Craft kit from Tookyland contains all the tools you need. Including 6 bottles of paint, a bottle powder, 10 sheets of plain paper, a scraper, a pipette, a tray and instruction manual. The paints are safe to use and non-toxic.


  • Rec. Age: 4 Years +
  • Brand: Tookyland
  • Child safe Craft Kit
  • Create your own designs
  • Perfect for developing creativity
  • Discover hidden talents
  • Materials: Polyester, PET, PP, Ink, Paper
  • Content Pieces: 22
  • Measurement: 25.5x19x3.5cm

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