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River Epoxy Resin Deep Cast 2:1 - 750mL

River Epoxy Resin Deep Cast 2:1 - 750mL

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Kit Includes:

1 x 500mL Part A Bottle

1 x 250mL Part B Bottle

Deep casting, water-clear, high UV resistance resin creates the appearance of a deep pool. Castable to a depth of around 50 mm in a single pour and tintable for a blue water impression. Ideal for backlit benchtops, feature entrance doors, and river resin tables of all sizes.

River resin is designed for deep casting projects with casting depths between 1 mm and 50 mm. The finest solution for filling knot holes and cracks up to 15 mm in diameter in wood is Solid Cast 606 Clear Casting Epoxy Resin.

When this resin is poured over a flat piece of wood, it will also produce a finish that is 1 mm deep and very durable, which is equivalent to 50 applications of varnish.

✔ River Resin Table ✔ Large Surface Area ✔  Resin Art Table ✔  Timber ✔  Equal to 50 Coats of Varnish ✔ Food Contact Safe ✔

  • Mixing Ratio 2:1 Volume
  • Working time 2 Hours @ 25° C
  • Low Viscosity
  • Super Ultra Clear Finish
  • UV Resistant

Pour Depth 1 mm – 50 mm
Temperature Resistance – up to 80 degrees Celsius


Note: Gradual thickening occurs during the curing process and can capture air bubbles rising out of the crevices of a natural wood edge. To avoid this occurring, pre-seal natural wood edges with a liberal coating of Solid Cast 606 Clear Casting Epoxy Resin. Please note, River Resin Deep Cast Epoxy resin and hardener require pre-conditioning with heat prior to using for maximum clarity.


The mixed material should be poured out a few centimeters above the river resin cavity. Allow time for the resin to slowly flow along the cavity. The depth of a pour should be between 15 mm and 50 mm to create an effective safe exotherm reaction temperature. Allow 5 minutes for the resin to fully fill out the cavity then further top up if necessary.
River resin has a low exotherm providing two hours working time at 25° C and 40% humidity.

A touch dry cure will occur in around two days, during this period, a second mix can be poured on top giving chemical crosslink. Full cure requires two further days prior to sanding the surface. Note: Curing should be at a constant 25° C with a minimum drop down temperature of 20° C.
Sanding back surplus resin is the next step. A belt sander with 80 grit paper quickly cuts back the cured epoxy resin. Next switch to an orbital sander using 80 grit paper. Subsequently continue with 120, 180, 240, 320 grit papers. Further clarity and glass like surface appearance is dependent on how finely the surface is finished.

Advanced finishing requires sanding with 500, 800 and 1500 papers. This can be water assisted wet and dry paper sanding. Once all sanding is finished, apply a wood finishing oil to the entire wood and river resin surfaces. This will give a satin finish to the entire piece. A further step can be buffering with an automotive fine cut and polish compound. This will give the entire surface a polished finish, it’s all a matter of choice.


Mix : 2 part A to 1 part B by volume, into a straight sided mixing container. The batch mix size can be up to 16 Litres for mixing in an open pail or bucket. Blend with a paint mixer using a power drill on slow speed. Mix evenly for several minutes until an even clear mix is achieved. Air bubbles will quickly rise out once poured.


Always keep caps on bottles when not in use. Store at room temperature (18°) away from direct sunlight.
Do not store on concrete floors.


Resins and hardeners’ have a tendency to go thick and cloudy in cold weather. Check materials are clear and free flowing before using. Material can be reconstitution by standing the bottles with caps removed, in very hot water and stir the contents until the liquids are runny and non-cloudy. Allow to cool back to room temperature before proceeding with mixing. 

 Curing temp                         23°C                                  40°C                               
 Thickness 1mm - 4mm      4 - 5 days                    22 - 26 hrs                
Thickness  - 5mm             2 days                      16 - 20 hrs             
Thickness 50mm              1.5 - 2 days              12 - 16 hrs            


      Work in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear protective gloves and glasses when mixing and using. Over-exposure may cause sensitization. Uncured material can be removed with a solvent or methylated spirit followed by washing with warm soapy water. Always wear a mask when using any solvent cleaner.

      Safety precautions to take when working with epoxy resin:

      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Read Safety Data Sheet before use
      • Do not ingest, get on skin, in eyes, or on clothing
      • Use only in a well-ventilated area
      • Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye and face protection
      • In case of inadequate ventilation, wear respiratory protection
      • If skin irritation or rash occurs, get medical attention

      It is crucial that instructions and Safety Data Sheet are read and understood before use.

      Download the Safety Data Sheet/Technical Data Sheet for River Epoxy Resin Deep Cast  2:1  Part A Here

      Download the Safety Data Sheet/Technical Data Sheet for River Epoxy Resin Deep Cast  2:1  Part B Here

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