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Christmas DIY Punch Needle Kits - Frosty Snowman

Christmas DIY Punch Needle Kits - Frosty Snowman

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Punch Needle Kit includes an adjustable embroidery hoop (20cm appox), punch needle fabric, instructions, a punch needle, and enough yarns to complete the project.

The Beginner-Friendly easy to follow instructions provided with the punch needle kits include everything you need to know to complete the technique. Learning punch needle stitching is simple for beginners. It generally takes 3 to 6 hours to finish each design.

Per-printed Pattern: With a coloured pattern on the fabric that is simple for adults, children, and beginners to use. After you're done, the design can be removed with water.


Packing List:

- 1 x Cotton Yarn

- 1 x Punch Needle

- 1 x Embroidery Hoop

- 1 x Threader

- 1 x English Instructions


How to Use the Embroidery Hoop?

1. Separate the inner and outer frame.

2. Place the outer frame on the flat table, frame face down.

3. Cover the flat embroidered cloth on the outer frame, embroidered face down.

4. Lightly press the inner frame into the outer frame with embroidered cloth together, inner frame face down.

5. Flip the embroidered cloth to feel the tightness, it can be used for embroidery in tight state.



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