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Latch Hook Blank Canvas Mesh BONUS Latch Hook Needle

Latch Hook Blank Canvas Mesh BONUS Latch Hook Needle

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Discover the perfect starter set for your latch hooking hobby! Our Latch Hook Blank Canvas Mesh comes with a BONUS Latch Hook Needle and is designed to give you the tools to explore your new passion.

High Quality Mesh Canvas Density 3.75ct, 15 grids in 4 inches or 10cm.
Each 10 grids have knitted blue line, to help guide and follow your pattern. 


A. Place the canvas straight on the table so that the selvage sides are at the left and right.
B. Start latch-hooking at the upper left corner.
C. Refer to the code on the pattern, find the corresponding yarn color.
D. Complete each row, making knots from the left to the right and from the top to the bottom.
E. After all the yarn have been hooked into the canvas, fold the sides of the canvas backwards, use the rug binding to sew them together.

How to Latch Hook?

1. Hold the 2 ends of a thread between left thumb and index finger and pass the loop around the latch-hook.
2. Insert the latch-hook under the weaving thread of the canvas and pull it back again until the latch lie on the top of the threads.
3. Put the ends of the thread inside the open hook and gently pull back the latch-hook, until the latch is closed and holds the thread.
4. Release the ends of the thread and pull the latch-hook through the loop, while holding the canvas firmly.
5. Slightly tug the ends of the thread to make the knot firm.


Package Includes
- 1 Blank base fabric
- 1 Plastic Latch Hook Needle

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