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Latch Hook Rug Making Kit - Colourful Owl 80 x 115cm

Latch Hook Rug Making Kit - Colourful Owl 80 x 115cm

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Start a new arts and craft hobby with our range of rug making kits and latch hook pillow making kits. Available in a range of stunning designs and different sizes these latch hook kits come with everything you need to make your own shag pile rug.


  • Pre Printed or Blank Mesh with Non Slip Coated Oxford Backing - Baking May Contain Rubber Latex
  • Pre Cut Coloured Acrylic Yarn & Latch Hook Tool
  • Detailed Printed Design Chart & Instructions

Our Latch Hook Rug Making Kit for Colourful Owl will help bring your creative vision to life. With a single 80x115cm frame, one easy-to-follow instruction manual and all the materials you need, you could soon be admiring a unique handmade rug you can treasure for years to come. Start your journey today.


We've provided you with all of the tools you need to create a plush textured rug or pillow. With a printed canvas, instructions, pre-cut wool and a crochet hook you can get started right away!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • Choose either a printed or blank base mesh pre sewn mesh base
  • 1 Plastic Latch Hook Needle
  • Pre-Cut assorted wool packs of different colors to suit the design

NOTE: As the package comes with a needle hook, adult supervision is required.

All Kits Available in Printed Or Blank Mesh Options

Choose from our extensive collection of designs, available in both printed and blank mesh kits. Whether you're drawn to following a pattern or eager to unleash your artistic flair, there's a kit for every preference and skill level.

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  • Latch Hook Yarn In Vibrant Range of Colours

    Each kit is filled with Pre-Cut 100% Acrylic Chunky Yarn in labeled colours for your design

  • Choose Printed or Blank Canvas

    Whether you're drawn to following a pattern or eager to unleash your artistic flair, there's a kit for every preference and skill level.

  • Easy to Follow Pattern

    Latch hook kit with detailed pattern chart and clear instructions, great for beginners or experienced crafters

  • Latch Hook Needle

    Enjoy ease and efficiency thanks to the user-friendly design of the included latch hook needle.

Watch How Easy it is to Create a Stunning Latch Hook Rug or Pillow

Check Out New Latch Hook Rug Kit Designs

Latch Hook Kits FAQ's

What types of latch hook kits are available?

Craft Outlet Australia offers a wide array of latch hook kits that cater to various interests and skill levels. Whether you're looking to create a vibrant animal-themed rug or a serene landscape pillow, there's likely a kit to match your aesthetic preferences. These kits not only vary in theme but also in complexity, making it possible for crafters of all skill levels to find a project that suits their capabilities.

Do the kits include all necessary materials?

Yes, each kit comes with either a printed canvas or blank canvas depending on which option you choose, detailed and easy to follow instructions and chart, pre-cut yarn, and a latch hook tool.

Which Mesh Should I Choose? Blank or Printed?

Choosing between a blank mesh kit and a printed mesh kit for latch hooking depends on the crafter's experience and creative aspirations.

Blank mesh kits provide total creative control, allowing for the creation of unique, personalised designs or adaptions to the chart, but require more skill in reading patterns and charts, making them suitable for more experienced crafters.

On the other hand, printed mesh kits simplify the process with pre-printed designs on the canvas, which guide beginners through the project with less preparation needed and is ideal for newcomers or those who prefer a straightforward crafting process.

Can I find kits suitable for beginners?

Kits are available that cater to beginners by offering simpler and smaller designs which are easier to complete.

For those new to latch hooking, Craft Outlet Australia's latch hook kits are ideal for beginners, offering a range of simple designs that are perfect for those new to this craft. These beginner-friendly kits help newcomers grasp the basics of latch hooking through clear, easy-to-follow patterns and instructions. This allows beginners to develop their skills while enjoying the process of creating beautiful, handcrafted pieces without feeling overwhelmed by complex designs or large projects.

Beginners can enjoy the satisfaction of completing a project without being overwhelmed by too many details or an excessively large canvas.

Are there any personalised or custom latch hook kits?

Turn your photo into a custom latch kit!

Craft Outlet provides options for personalized kits, allowing for unique custom creations.


How long does it take to complete a latch hook project?

The time required to complete a latch hook project depends on its size and complexity, as well as the crafter's skill level and pace. Smaller, simpler designs might take only a few hours, making them perfect for a weekend project, while larger or more intricate designs could require several days of work spread over multiple sessions.

How do I choose the right kit for me?

Selecting the right latch hook kit involves considering several factors. Think about the complexity of the pattern, the size of the finished project, and how the project will be used. Beginners might prefer smaller, simpler projects, while experienced crafters may seek larger and more complex designs. Also, consider the practical use of the finished project, whether it will be a decorative rug, a cozy pillow, or a wall hanging.

Are there any tips for beginners just starting with latch hook?

For those just starting with latch hook, it's advisable to begin with a smaller and less complex kit. This will help you get accustomed to the technique without feeling overwhelmed.

Always read through the instructions before starting, and organize your workspace to keep your materials accessible. Patience is key—take your time to ensure each piece of yarn is securely hooked, and enjoy the process of seeing your design come to life.

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